Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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This week I reviewed the first few lessons of sign language. I will not be able to do my whole project in signs. Probably just a few sentences. I need to focus on learning verbs so I can form my sentences better.

After researching the odds of being deaf I feel really thankful for my awesome sight. My awesome eyesight. My awesome health. It's very horrible that people all around the world are deaf and hardly no one cares. A lot of people don't really try to help, or even notice those with the disabilities. For my speech at the end of the year I would like to bring awareness to this fact and maybe to to create something TO bring awareness.
Gennie Martin

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  1. Hi,
    Even if you don't do your whole project in sign language, I think people will still enjoy to use some of the signs you have learned in your presentation. Use the sign’s you're comfortable with and that will make you successful.
    As a special education teacher who works with students who are deaf and blind if you brought awareness in your project to these student’s it would be amazing! These student’s deserve a voice.
    Have a good week,