Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Break - February 23

I may or May not be switching out of Mr. provenzanos class. I really like mr. Provenzanos class, but because I may have to switch out of my honors math and it would in turn remove me from Mr. Provenzanos class. Even if I was switched out, I would most likely continue the 20-time project.

So his classes are having a Ted ex event at our highschool, GPS. At the end of the year he will pick 15 student to speak at this event. Although I do not have much progress to show, I do have a lot to say of he journey this year in my project. As I was up north over winter break I had an idea for Part of a speech that I could give in this event.

Every winter my family and I go up north to Traverse City and the same with this year for a week. The first day after making the trip up north, my family and I went out on the Grand Traverse Bay which for once in a long time was frozen over. My dad and brother started shoveling a certain area that they believed was smooth so they could skate. But when I went down and grabbed a shovel, instead of joining my dad and brother,I took my shovel and just went. I shoveled my own path. I went on my own way. By shoveling snow in this way I was able to find a perfect patch of ice out on the lake. My dad eventually came over to me with a confused look and demanded that I shovel in the main area instead of "goofing off" and randomly shoveling around. Yeah I looked silly and maybe a little strange, but if I hadn't have done that, i would never had found that perfect patch. Instead of conforming,I tried something new,and it worked. But it's not always going to work. It's not always going to happen exactly theway you want. What if I had not found that perfect patch?Would I have failed? No. I would look funny randomly shoveling the ice out on the bay, but I would not have failed. I would still be adventurous and keep trying new things. carpe diem. Try something new. Stop doing the things you do everyday like a pattern. seize the day and do something new.

Gennie Martin

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  1. Hi Gennie,
    I think that is a great idea that even though you might have to switch classes that you will keep up this project. You have already put so much into it that it would be sad not to follow through with it.
    I love the saying “carpe diem” my AP English wrote this to me when signing my High School year book. This experience of the 20-time project has been hard but you tried something new and went outside the box. I think you have plenty to talk about and say. I wish you the best of luck and just seize your moment because your project is great and plenty of people will want to hear about it.
    Have a good week!